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Inflatable beds provide one of the best comfortable places for you and your kids to have an excellent rest, whether at home or away from home. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, portable, and safe to use. When considering an inflatable bed, there are so many options available to you. Sometimes, the plethora of choices makes it very challenging to select the ideal one. The best inflatable bed will provide the ideal comfort for you and your child no matter the environment you want to use it. In this article review, we are going to take a critical look at the best inflatable beds based on their features, portability, durability and overall user ratings.

These products are the best in the industry as they maintain very high customer reviews on Amazon and other high-quality retail websites. The review is also going to examine the types of inflatable beds, best features and the benefits of using an inflatable bed. These will help you understand and properly select the ideal option when buying an inflatable bed for your overall comfort.


Reviews of the 3 Best Air Mattress


Below are the best 3 inflatable air beds in the industry right now


SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump


SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump


SoundAsleep comes first in this inflatable bed reviews because of its overall quality. The company is renowned for manufacturing high-quality air mattresses, and this model is not an exception. If you are in search of a comfortable and portable sleeping bed for nap time or camping, the SoundAsleep model has been recommended as an excellent option. It is lightweight, quite comfortable, and very easy to carry. It has so many great features and, surprisingly, it’s very cheap. With high customer ratings and lots of reviews on Amazon, you will be getting the best deal when you settle for this highly quality air mattress. Below are some features that make this bed everyone’s choice.


Highly durable

The product is of high quality, even though it’s selling at a ridiculously low price. The surface of the mattress is flocked making it difficult for sheets to sleep off easily. This is an essential feature if you have a playful kid.


Strong weight capacity

Another feature you will love about this bed is the weight capacity it can hold. Based on user experience, it can comfortably hold more than 300 pounds of weight. This makes it very suitable for kids of all ages. Even adults can take a nap on this bed because of its weight and size.


Ease of use

The product also comes with instruction manual, patch kit, AC engineered air pump, and a nylon storage bag. The patch kit is to help you repair the bed in case it accidentally punctures. There is no need to try to inflate the bed with your mouth because there is a hand pump device that helps you inflate the bed within 3 minutes.



This mattress is also portable and compact, making it possible to be easily tucked in the car or in a closet for safe keeping. When you are ready to use it, just take the AC powered air pump and fill up air. In few minutes, the bed will be ready for use. If you are looking for a high-quality inflatable bed for your overall comfort, this SoundAsleep model is the ideal option.


  1. Intex Twin Airbed with Electric Pump


Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump


Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump


Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed is one of the best inflatable beds as positive reviews and high user ratings on Amazon have shown. With the features below, you will be able to decide whether the mattress is right for you.


It is easy to inflate or deflate

With the customized valve and electric pump, it takes no time to inflate and deflate this air bed. The flocked top works well to provide the best sleeping experience and the soft cover feels very soft on the skin. The bumpers are there so serve as a protective shield to prevent the child from falling off.

Filling and draining this air bed is usually done within 3 minutes, unlike water filled mattresses that take hours to be filled. This is one advantage this type of bed has over other types of mattresses.


Convenient and portable

This mattress also provides great comfort, is very compact, and easy to pack and travel with.  You can keep it at home to accommodate your guests or take them while traveling to give your kids a comfortable place to sleep.  With features such as a built-in support and electric pumps, this product surely provides convenience and comfort to the highest level.


Safe to use

There are different types of air mattresses in the market today. But when it comes to compactness and safety, very few can be compared to the Intex inflatable bed. Its good user ratings and high customer reviews are proofs alone that the mattress is safe and of high quality.


The most comfortable in the industry

Consumers can find out there is a significant difference between mattresses that are produced today and the Intex mattress. Not only does this mattress vary in size, but it also varies in a feature that improves the user’s sleeping experience. When selecting an air mattress, safety and comfort should be considered seriously. Thankfully, the Intex inflatable bed is designed to make sure you and your child are comfortable and safe. It is recommended to parents who want a more affordable mattress that provides ultimate comfort for themselves and their loved ones.


  1. Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump



Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump


Serta is the most renowned name in the inflatable bed industry. Their products are designed with the finest quality as they maintain a very high manufacturing standard. This Serta model is one of their flagship products and is designed efficiently to provide the best comfort when taking a nap or when sleeping.  Below are the reasons why this inflatable bed is a popular choice for most homes and families.


Easy to set up

One advantage of this bed over other types of air mattresses is the ease of inflating or deflating the bed. Because the product is air filled and has an air pump with a wide nozzle, it doesn’t take much time to inflate or deflate the bed.


Proper design

It comes with a removable cover that is easy to pull out and place in a washing machine. The soft integral hardboard is also there to provide safety and comfort.  Its handy pocket provides a space to keep their favorite things safe as they sleep.


Very convenient for outdoor use

If you are visiting a home with your children and don’t have an idea whether the place has a bed for kids, an air filled portable mattress can be carried along to give them a comfortable place to sleep. It can also be useful if you are expecting visitors who have children. This bed will provide a very comfortable sleeping place for them.


Best Features of Inflatable Air Beds


With a plethora of options available, the decision to buy an air bed is an important one. It is vital to make the right call when buying an air bed to provide the best sleeping comfort. If you don’t have much knowledge about air mattresses, you may not be in the right position to select the most ideal one. This section is going to inform you of the features you need to pay special attention to before buying an air mattress.

So, what are the essential features to consider when purchasing the best air mattress?


Shopping for an inflatable bed? Best Features of Inflatable Air Bed


They are safe


Air beds come in a lot of features, some very important and some others just extras. The most basic feature to consider is the safety of the bed. It should be strongly designed to withstand all types of weather.


Designed with automatic air pumps


The best inflatable bed has inner built pump for convenience. The air pump has a knob that can be used to adjust the level of air you want in the bed. It makes use of electricity and does not require much time to inflate or deflate.


They are convenient


There are very good inflatable beds to choose and it is important to make comfort the first priority when selecting one. The best model will certainly be convenient and more pleasant, keeping you and your child comfortable and well protected during a trip. There are some additional features you can get in an inflatable bed. Some of the toddler models come with a detachable pocket and musical melodies to keep your baby entertained while you put them to sleep.




The best inflatable bed should be lightweight, quite easy to inflate or deflate and also very compact. You should settle for a very compact bed that can be easily folded and kept safely when it is not needed.  They are designed with the best quality materials and do not get torn easily.


Sturdy design


You also need to look at the design of the bed to see if it wears and tears easily.  Most high-quality travel beds are designed sturdily and covered with nylon material to make any spillage of liquid come out easily.

Inflatable beds are in various shapes, dimensions, sizes, designs and styles. This gives you a lot of options when selecting the ideal type of toddler mattress. The best models are not only convenient but extremely comfortable, helping you give you and your child the most ideal place to sleep.


Types of Inflatable Air Beds


There are different types of inflatable beds as they range in brands, features and sizes. Most inflatable beds are designed similarly, but there are certain differences in their features and specifications. Below are the different types of inflatable beds available in the market today.


Which Features are important when Choosing An Air Bed

Types of Inflatable Air Bed


Raised or twin inflatablebeds


Inflatable beds are classified based on their height and thickness. Some of them have normal size while others have raised levels. The raised types are adjoined to provide a raised elevation for the user.  They are intended to keep users away from the floor and help them enjoy a conventional bed experience. However, one problem with this type of bed is its large size. It will require more storage space and may not be conducive to carry for camping or other outdoor activities.


Single or low profile inflatable beds


This is an alternative for users who want a very portable inflatable bed without much concern on the height of the bed from the floor. They are more compact, smaller and more affordable than the queen or king sized beds. This is the reason why they are more preferred for camping because they can be easily inflated or deflated and kept safely in the backpack or your car.


Framed air inflatable beds


There are some air beds with frames. These types of air beds are specifically designed to be stationed at home or a particular place. They are mostly available as toddler beds and suitable for kids who have grown above their baby beds but are not big enough to sleep on adult beds.


Air beds with External/manual pumps


The external pumps can vary, depending on how it is powered (battery powered or by foot). Air beds with external pumps are less expensive than those with internal pumps. But one downside of an external pump is the cost of losing the pump. If you misplace or lose the pump, there is nothing else you can do other than to buy another one.


Air beds with internal pumps


While some inflatable beds provide a manual pump when inflating or deflating the bed, some others are designed to incorporate an automatic pump within the bed. Inflatable beds with custom made pumps are the most common types of air beds these days. This is because of their simplicity and ease of use. They have adjustable comfort levels that can be set to firms, medium, or plush level with just the turn of a knob. Since battery or electricity power them, they are faster to inflate or deflate than the external foot pumps.  This is why they are the most popular types of inflatable beds in the market today.


Before you buy any bed, make sure you understand their pros and cons to verify that the bed is the ideal purchase for your particular needs.


Benefits of Inflatable Air Beds


Some people may frown at the idea of getting an air mattress for each house in their homes. Some of them may prefer to buy traditional mattresses and beds because of their history. In essence, this lack of interest on an inflatable bed is as a result of lack of information about its uses and benefits. Here, we are going to explore the main advantages of an inflatable bed, pointing out the facts and myths about the product. From the name, it is safe to say that most people will have an idea of what it looks like and what role it plays for families. But if you are not sure about its uses and functionalities, the rest of the article is meant to educate you.


Some facts about inflatable beds


Inflatable air mattresses are designed in a unique manner. It is very light and can be easily folded and tucked in a bag. It is made comfortable for sleeping by pumping air into it. Because of its inner design, air can move freely within and out of the sections inside the bed enclosed by cushions to provide comfort. However, there are some air beds with no trace of cushions. These are usually less expensive and can be disposed of easily without worrying about the cost.


An air mattress is a very handy tool to use in your home as well as outside the home. They can be used as an alternative to your traditional coil and spring mattress while on the road. They can be used as extra beds for emergency purposes. If you have a visitor with kids, an inflatable bed will come in handy if you have extra rooms but don’t have extra beds to accommodate them.


Also, these air beds can save a lot of space for you. It is small and can be kept in almost any type of room. It can be easily deflated and stored in the garage, underneath your bed, or inside your cabinet. You need just to deflate, fold, and store.  If you have little space in your house for regular sized beds, the inflatable bed will be a great option. Inflate and spread for use whenever you need it and fold back when you are done. An inflatable bed is not like a normal kind of air bag that can be popped easily. They are designed with very durable materials which can stand the test of time.


For traveling convenience


For parents who are on the go, an inflatable bed can provide a great sleeping or resting environment for their kids. It is a perfect alternative to large size beds that will be too cumbersome and large to carry when traveling.

An inflatable bed is also a perfect option for a child who has grown too big for their crib but not yet big enough to stay on a regular size bed. It also helps parents save cash by offering a sleeping space for their guests instead of opting to purchase a regular-sized bedstead for such purpose.


In essence, the importance of an inflatable bed cannot be emphasized enough because of the role it plays in providing a great comfort for you and your kid when you both are traveling or on a camping trip. It’s easy to fold and carry around. Since it is an inflatable bed, you will not have problems tucking it inside a bag. Moreover, all air beds come with an inflation pump which can help you easily inflate or deflate the bed.





There are different types of inflatable beds available in the market today that it becomes quite difficult to choose the ideal one, but when it comes to the safety and comfort of you and your family, nothing takes more priority. This is why it is important to select the best air filled bed that guarantees your overall comfort and well-being. The products examined in the inflatable bed reviews above are of the highest quality as user ratings and customer reviews have shown. Moreover, after understanding the different types of inflatable beds available and the benefits of owning one, it will be easier to select the ideal one for your comfort.  Always choose the product with the best features in terms of safety, comfort, and usability. This way, you will be getting the best deal for you and your household.

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