Best Natural Looking Foundations – Best Foundation for Combination Skin

Those with oily skin know how many problems this condition can create. Not only does grease affects your appearance, this issue can also lead to a number of other problems, including acne and inflammation. Traditionally, people have been treating oily skin by washing face often. The problem is that this isn’t the best solution as it can dry out the skin, leading to even more problems when one does not use the best natural looking foundations.

Many girls with oily skin try to solve the issue by putting on a heavy makeup. This is a wrong approach for many reasons. First of all, a lot of makeup is noticeable and may not look nice. The other, more important reason is that a large number of cosmetic products contain chemicals harmful for your skin. The only good solution seems to be using organic products.

Why You Need the Best Natural Looking Foundations

If you decide on treating your skin with only the best natural looking foundations on the market, you can be sure your skin is going to appear flawless. But just looking nice is not your only concern. You also need to make sure your skin is healthy. This can be only achieved if you buy natural organic makeup.

Best Natural Looking Foundations Top Picks

Using a proper foundation is the key for fighting skin problems. Putting the right foundation will help you hide imperfections, but will also help you get rid of the oily skin problem in the long term. Of course, in order to get rid of it, you will have to use only the foundation of the highest quality. With that in mind, we’ve decided to provide you with several suggestions.

Here are our 5 top picks for the best natural looking foundations that you can find on the market today. Whichever of these 5 products you choose, you can be sure it’ll make your skin both look and feel health

best natural looking foundations

best natural looking foundations

Bare Minerals Medium Beige Foundation

Bare Minerals Medium Beige Foundation is one of the best natural looking foundations that has been tested both in laboratories and by thousands of women. In both cases, conclusions were that Bare Minerals foundation makes the skin smooth and soft.

On top of that, a huge number of women are claiming this product makes them look younger. The reason why this is the case is that Bare Minerals used only organic ingredients that are known for being great for your skin.

The foundation contains only organic ingredients, all of which are proven not to cause irritation of any kind. In fact, this product is so pure that you don’t even have to take it off before going to bed.

On Furthermore, the product has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15, meaning that it will protect your face skin form dangerous UV rays.

This medium beige foundation is great for using for every occasion as its discrete, but yet capable of covering up any imperfection. As one of the best natural looking foundations, you can apply it on your face and the neck, before putting on additional makeup. However, some women think Bare Minerals foundation is the only makeup they need.



Best Natural Looking Foundations

Best Natural Looking Foundations

Bare Minerals Original Foundation (Medium Beige)

Bare minerals is one of the best organic makeup brands in the world today. All of the products of this company are known for having a lot of benefits for your skin. The same is true with this product.

The foundation comes in the form of powder, making it very easy to apply to your face and neck. All you need is a brush to buff the powder onto your skin. When you first do this, you will be impressed how good it feels.

Despite being a powder, Bare Minerals foundation acts like a cream. The carefully selected ingredients of this product will make your skin feel soft and silky.

The powder blends in perfectly, concealing all imperfections that might be there on your face skin, like acne, blemishes, or redness. Apart from containing ingredients that make your skin look healthy by hiding imperfections, this foundation will also feed your skin cells.

Those substances will also clean the pores that might be clogged. In turn, this will lead to reducing the amount of grease on your skin.

Finally, this product also contains ingredients such as Titanium and Zinc oxide, which are substances that have UV-protection properties, therefore winning the title of one of the best natural looking foundations.


Best Natural Looking Foundations

Best Natural Looking Foundations

Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum Matte Foundation, Medium Beige

If you are tired of oily skin, you probably want a makeup product that will provide you with a shine-free look. That’s exactly what this foundation will do for your skin, but also much more. For example, this Bare Minerals product will blend in perfectly and add a discreet touch to your face and neck skin. It will cover all the imperfections, while giving away the impression that you’re not even wearing


After several days of using this product you will start to notice a couple of changes. First of all, your enlarged pores will reduce in size, which will lead to less oil secretion. If you keep on using this foundation, you can be sure the greasy skin problem will go away for good.

On top of that, the foundation contains certain minerals with skin-renewing properties that will heal your damaged skin. Finally, this Bare Minerals foundation also contains ingredients with high sun protection factors, so you can wear this bit of makeup anytime and anywhere.


best natural looking foundations

best natural looking foundations

Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation No. 40 (Natural Beige)

Because the color of this foundation is natural beige, when you apply it onto your skin, people might not even notice it’s there. But, being discrete and elegant doesn’t necessarily mean this foundation won’t do its most important job – hiding imperfections.

On the contrary, Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation No. 40 will conceal everything that you wish to disappear, including acne, enlarged pores, redness, etc.

The foundation is very easy to put on, meaning that you only need a couple of minutes every day to make your skin look wonderful.


However, making you look nice is not the only purpose of this best natural looking foundations. Mat Velvet used only the best possible ingredients for Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation, all of which are known to provide your skin with a lot of benefits.

One of those includes the elimination of oily skin problems.

Mica Beauty Natural Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Foundation

 best natural looking foundations

best natural looking foundations

If you want to make your face glow, you should think about getting this product that is one of the best natural looking foundations in the market. It’s amazing for several things.

Not only will it hide away all the imperfections you might have on your skin, it will also help you get rid of them for good. In fact, this is one of the best products you can use for battling oily skin problems.

The foundation was specially designed to make your skin breathe, thus supplying it with oxygen which will invigorate the skin cells.

On top of that, the product also contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. This foundation will also unclog the pores, thus stopping the excessive oil secretion.

The best thing about this powder is that you don’t need a lot of it to make your skin look beautiful and feel healthy.

All you need to do is apply a small amount of the foundation powder onto a brush and apply it, then onto your skin in a circular motion. Considering that a single pack of this product is bound to last you long, the price of Mica Beauty foundation seems pretty affordable.

With these best natural looking foundations, you’re assured that whatever type of skin you may have will be well taken care of.

Discover the Best Natural looking Foundations and Their Benefits


Natural makeup is the way to go! It’s devoid of the chemicals which are found in non-natural makeup and it’s better for your skin. If you want the best natural makeup which enhances your natural beauty, without being bad for your complexion or overall health, you’ll find that investing in natural makeup is an investment in your own image and well-being.

There are so many best natural looking foundations available and you’ll find that you don’t need to compromise on color, texture and coverage when you “go natural”. It’s actually possible to find products which are on a par with non-natural cosmetics (or even better!) in terms of making you look fabulous. The key benefit is that you will be able to avoid putting lab-created chemicals on your skin.

Our comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the best natural looking foundations, which are all-natural or close to it. We’re going to talk about many different aspects of the best natural makeup, with a mind to helping you understand what it offers, as well as how to shop for it.

Ingredients to Look For in the Best Natural Looking Foundations

Essential oils are common components of natural makeup products, as are gentle, yet beneficial plant extracts, such as Aloe extract.

Some natural makeup also contains minerals, which are utilized in order to create pigments. Minerals are natural and they are great for the skin.

While non-natural makeups may have some natural elements, they’ll be loaded with chemicals, too. For this reason, natural cosmetics are better choices.

If they are one hundred percent natural, they should be labeled as such and they may also be labeled as organic.

Some natural products have a small amount of man-made ingredients and these are better than the alternatives. You will have options. The key to finding what’s best is looking for formulas which are loaded with safe ingredients, such as essential oils, botanical extracts and minerals.

Other examples of safe ingredients include honey, Argan Oil, vitamin E and so on. Companies which have a real commitment to quality will keep their natural makeup products very pure.

You should be able to access full lists of ingredients when you ordering for the best natural looking foundations, so it will be easy to check out these products before buying them. Ingredient lists vary a lot.

If you have questions about an ingredient found in a product description or on a bottle or compact or something right in your own community, just Google it. It should be easy to find out whether or not it comes from Mother Nature or a lab!

How to Choose the Best Natural Looking Foundations for Your Skin Type

The Best natural Looking Foundations are sometimes available for different skin types. For example, if you have dry skin, you may be able to find a formula which is just for you.

While some of the best natural looking foundations, powders and other forms of natural makeup, such as bronzers and blushers, may be designed for all skin types, there are companies which offer natural makeup for specific skin types.

We’re not here to promote, but some brands to consider if you do want the best natural makeup for your precise skin type, consider checking out Bare Minerals at the company’s official website or at a bigger online retailer, such as Amazon or Sephora.

Sephora is known as one of the best natural looking foundations for its mineral makeup, which is free of chemicals, and it does offer different formulas, such as formulas which are designed for oily and acne-prone skin. There are lots of other companies out there, so don’t limit yourself. Bare Minerals is probably the most famous and they do have a pretty extensive product line, all of which is natural.

If you can’t find the best natural looking foundations and makeup that you like which is tailored to skin type, you might want to try it anyway. In most cases, foundations, blushes and other formulas will be fine for every skin type.

Since they are chemical-free or relatively pure, they’ll be gentle on your skin. Reading customer reviews of certain formulas should help you to find natural makeup which is a proven winner with consumers.

As well, checking out beauty blogs from authority sources, such as Vogue online or Elle online, may be helpful.

Lastly, checking the websites of health food stores and seeing which lines of cosmetics they carry may give you more options to consider – Whole Foods is just one example.

Think About Eye Color, Face Shape and Hair Color

Choosing the best natural looking foundations and makeup is mostly about finding product purity. It’s also about selecting a respected brand which earns good reviews from real-life women (and men, too!).

However, to get a perfect match, you should also think about your eye color and your face shape, as well as the color of your hair. Since natural makeup has pigment, just like non-natural makeup, you’ll need to bring your coloring into the equation.

As a rule of thumb, if your eyes are green, purple eye shadows will bring out their beauty. If your eyes are blue, look for natural eye shadows in bronze tones, as they will be very flattering.

If you have dark eyes, consider blue natural eye shadow in order to accent their depth. Hazel eyes may be beautified with purple or blue shadows, since hazel eyes have brown and green tones.

Of course, it’s fine and even fun to break the rules. However, these eye shadow guidelines will help you to find shades which are a perfect complement to your eye color.

In terms of face shape, if you want to streamline your facial contours in order to reduce the appearance of roundness or a double chin, consider darker blush or a contouring kit.

These best natural looking foundations will allow you to contour your cheeks and under your chin and streamline your face. If you have a thin face and want to make it look fuller, go in the opposite direction.

Look for lighter blushes which add softness and skip the contouring, as it will only make your face look sleeker.

Foundations should be matched to skin tone. You’ll have a cool, neutral or warm undertone and you should find natural makeup which suits your undertones. No one should be able to tell that you’re wearing foundation.

Apply your natural foundation lightly and blend well. As long as it matches, you’ll get a great result.

In terms of hair color, consider your hair color and how it might clash with certain cosmetics. For example, some redheads don’t like wearing purple lipstick, as red hair is so far from violet on the color scale.

Again, rules may be broken with abandon. However, classic makeup is about flattering natural coloring with complementary shades. So, do take your hair color into account, whether it’s natural or dyed.

You’ll find that there are hair colors with more natural ingredients. Henna is one example and so is the brand.

Most hair dyes sold in stores and used at salons are not natural. However, there may be exceptions.

Which Best Natural Looking Foundations  are Available?

You should be able to find every type of cosmetic in a natural version. For example, if you want concealers/neutralizers, you’ll find that they are available, although you may not have as many choices as you usually do.

One example of a natural concealer is Bare Minerals BARESKIN Complete Coverage Serum Concealer. It comes in six shades.

Examples of other cosmetics which are available with natural formulas include foundation, bronzer, mascara, blush, highlighters, eye shadows and face powders. As well, natural lipsticks, glosses and balms are out there, as are natural nail colors and nail care products. Makeup removal products and skin care products are also available.

How to Use The Best Natural Looking Foundations

If you’re online reading about makeup, you probably love it already and know how to put it on. However, there’s always something new to learn about makeup and some people really are makeup beginners.

In general, applying natural makeup is just like applying the non-natural type of makeup. It’s about using your fingers or tools, such as brushes and sponges, in order to get the effects that you want.

If you are new to makeup, choose the basics and go from there. We recommend buying a natural foundation, a mascara with natural ingredients and a lip color that you like. These three essentials are basics that you can put in a purse or handbag or throw on each morning.

You’ll look polished instantly when you apply foundation in order to even out your skin tone, add some mascara to your top lashes and use lip balm. The best natural makeup should make you glow.

If you find that you get shiny, try to choose a matte formula of foundation, or buy natural powder and dust on a bit after foundation in order to take down the shine.

The question of where to buy the best natural makeup is easy to answer. Buy it online, where you’ll have access to a world of selection, as well as an easy online ordering process, or buy it from health food stores or other shops in your community.

There is increased demand for this type of makeup these days, so you should be able to find it in most places where cosmetics are sold, although drugstores and grocery stores may not have it in stock. Organic makeup brands may cost a little more.

However, due to the purity of their ingredients, they are usually worth the money. As well, natural makeup is natural-looking makeup. This means that it gives a great finish, as long as it’s a trusted brand. So, you’ll be able to get the look that you’re used to when you switch to natural makeup.

If you want more than basic beauty, add to your best natural looking foundations, mascara and lip color essentials, by accessing fun cosmetics from natural makeup brands.

Organic mascara and organic foundation should always start the look. The best organic foundation will match your skin and be easy to use. With lip color, you have more options. You don’t need to choose a subtle shade of organic lipstick unless you want to. It’s possible to go for high drama with a bright scarlet lipstick or a fashionable coral lip color. Having a few lipsticks in your arsenal will allow you to create fashion-forward makeup looks. It’s nice to have choices, so we do recommend buying a few lipsticks, rather than just one “everyday” shade.

Also, add excitement with blush, bronzer, highlighter and eye shadow. These cosmetics really change a look and they are definitely available in natural formulations. Eye shadow tutorials are everywhere online, as are blush and contouring tutorials.

You may also want to look at online fashion magazines in order to see how people are doing their eyes and cheeks.

Once you have the natural makeup kit of your dreams, you’ll be ready to make the most of any look, from natural and basic to wild and bold.

Shop for the Best Natural looking foundations Today

Now is the right time to explore the many advantages of natural makeup. Hopefully, our detailed guide has helped you to discover why it’s better, what’s out there and how to shop for it and use it. Once you’ve tried it, you may wonder why you didn’t make the switch to natural makeup ages ago.

Pamper your skin with makeup that isn’t loaded with harmful and irritating chemicals, from parabens to preservatives which release formaldehyde! Now that you know how to shop, treating yourself to natural makeup will allow you to explore Mother Nature’s most impressive extracts and oils, as you also get the color and finish that you love.

With the best natural makeup, you don’t have compromise. You can wear a little makeup or a lot, or anything in between, and know that everything on your face is pure and gentle for your skin.

Some people notice dramatic improvements in their complexions when they start using natural makeup regularly. You may notice the same great effects!

Makeup is fun. It’s a great way to make the most of yourself and it doesn’t have to contain icky chemicals. With this in mind, why not shop for the best natural makeup and the best natural looking foundations today?

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